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About Us

Soorya’s is a centre providing quality training and guidance in performing arts, fitness and other co- curricular activities. Soorya’s with the motto “Our Vision Your Future” came into existence on 06 May 2016 at Kunnamangalam, in Kozhikode District of Kerala.
Fitness, co-curricular activities and various art forms such as Visual arts, Performing arts and Martial arts; facilitate the development of various domains of mind, body and personality and helps in discovering and developing oneself. At Soorya’s we help you to discover yourself through training and guidance in various arts and fitness forms. Our services cater to people from different walks of life and age groups.
We have a pool of talented and dedicated Faculty who impart training in Classical Music, Classical Dance, Drawing and Painting, Western Dance, different Arts and Crafts and Mural Paintings.
In the fitness arena, we provide training and guidance in Taekwondo Martial Arts, Aerobics and Yoga for the development of body and mind and inculcating body control and discipline.
With the object of providing entertainment to people, Soorya’s has started Soorya’s Dance Company. We have performed on a number of stages across Kerala for a variety of events. Apart from that, we have started Soorya’s Movie Club with the aim of contributing in the field of short film making and participating or holding National and International Film Festivals. We also conduct workshops and seminars to improve artistic skills and talent of students from various streams and backgrounds.
Soorya’s focus is on developing artistic skills, personality and fitness of our students. We believe in the overall growth of The Society and would like to add value in the lives of people through Art, Fitness and Entertainment. With the acronym SAFE(School of Arts, Fitness and Entertainment ) we are continuing our pursuit with the wholehearted support of our well wishers and The Public at Large.